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Electrician Tech

Candidate 386126 is an entry level Electrician who recently worked in the commercial field.  He is sharp, professional, and well spoken.  His goal is to find an electrician tech position with a company where he can continue to learn his trade and become an asset.


His skill set includes:

•    Ability to read blueprints, schematics and wiring diagrams
•    Installing 100/200 amp services
•    Installing receptacles and switches
•    Bending conduit
•    Knowledge of residential and commercial wiring and layout
•    Knowledge of multiphase power, motors and controls
•    Installation of residential-commercial services up to 200/400
•    Rough in-house wiring circuits
•    Cable TV and Telephone connections
•    Control wiring/HID lighting/Track lighting


Professional References:

“I have been an electrician for over 20 years and an instructor with Pennco Tech for 7 years. I teach the 3rd term in our Electrician course where we cover the commercial side. In this term, we cover wiring methods, bending conduit, transformers, motor controls (PLC and variable frequency drives), and I add in other things I’ve learned in my career that are not on the curriculum.  All around, he’s a great student and picks things up quickly.  He is above average compared to other students.  Our students work on team and individual projects and he is currently 4 labs ahead of most everyone else. He is dependable, professional, focused, has a strong work ethic and a strong desire to do things right.  He’s willing to put in the extra effort to be successful. For example, he’s one of the only students who takes his books with him on break and he will stay for make-up labs even though he has never had to make up hours just to get the experience.  His work has paid off.  He currently has the highest score in the class and is in the running to win our “Best of the Best” award at the completion of the course. I own a residential/light commercial company. If he were staying in the area, I would hire him. “ Instructor


“”I have been an electrician for 20 years. I teach the first semester of the Electrician program which covers atomic structure, residential wiring, switches,  resistance & induction, capacitors RLC circuits, transformers (3 phase and single) and 3 phase motors. I also have a degree in mathematics.  I teach the math portion of the class also and he did very well. He has been an excellent student through the entire program.  He has a long distance to travel and shows up every day. He is almost always the first person there. He's very good with his hands, pays attention, and is focused on completing labs.  He's in the top 10% of all the students I've seen come through our program.  He has a strong desire to learn and genuine interest in the field.  If given the opportunity to continue learning and developing his skills, I have no doubt he will succeeded.  I have my own company with one of the other instructors here and I would hire him without hesitation if I could. ” Instructor



Contact Information

430 Loucks Road
York, PA 17404
Toll Free: 1-888-JFC-JOBS
Ph: (717) 755-3100
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